Eye-hand Coordination of Skill Gyaku Tsuki Karateka Gokasi
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Hand-eye Coordination
Gyaku Tsuki

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Mohammed Sayyd, S., Asnaldi, A., & Laura Putri, R. . (2019). Eye-hand Coordination of Skill Gyaku Tsuki Karateka Gokasi . International Journal of Kinesiology and Physical Education, 1(2), 27-35. https://doi.org/10.34004/ijkpe.v1i1.12


The problem of this study is based on field observations, it was found that the skills Gyaku Tsuki Gokasi dojo karate athletes SMAN 1 Tarusan. This type of research is correlational. The population in this study karate dojo athletes SMAN 1 Tarusan consisting of 15 people. Sampling in this study using sampling purposive totaling 15 athletes sons. Data is taken in two ways, ball Werfen und fangen test to measure the eye-hand coordination and gyaku test to measure the results gyau tsuki. ?0,05 as significant and research hypothesis is: there is a relationship to the hand-eye coordination skills tsuki gyaku. The results showed that: there is a relationship eye-hand coordination on the ability of the athlete tsuki gyaku gokasi karate dojo SMAN1 tarusan. was obtained R count it price = 0,848>

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