The Effect Of Plyometrics Training Method On Sabit Kicks
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Plyometrics training method
martial arts
skills crescent kick

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Melico, A., Emral, E., & Alnedral, A. (2019). The Effect Of Plyometrics Training Method On Sabit Kicks. International Journal of Kinesiology and Physical Education, 1(2), 17-26.


The problem in this research is the low skill Crescent Kick Athlete Skills Pencak Silat Anak Nagari South Coastal District that affect the appearance and cause decreased performance. The problem is likely to occur due to a lack of training methods used precisely by the coach. This study aims to reveal the effect of the method of the Skills Training Plyometrics Crescent kick. The research is a quasi-experiment. The population in this study are all athletes Pencak Silat Anak Nagari South Coastal District totaling 50 people. The sampling technique used a purposive sampling method, the total of samples used as many as 25 people. Data collected by Skills test crescent kick by kicking to the target 20 times kick. Data were analyzed using a t-test or a different test mean. Results of research and analysis of the data showed that the method Plyometrics exercises a significant influence on the athlete's skills Sabit kick Pencak Silat Anak Nagari South Coastal District. Based on the analysis, it was found t = 30.2> table = 1.71 with an average increase was 12.08.
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