International Journal of Kinesiology and Physical Education (IJKPE) publishes two studios in various fields and training, including anatomy, biomechanics, performance analysis, physiology, psychology, sports science, sports nutrition, health, and well-being, as well as coaching and increasing motivation and physical education. Journal Singer also publishes books and book summaries. This journal discusses articles and book discussions, this journal discusses human knowledge including responses to technology such as athlete training, athlete selection, and recruitment, performance analysis or modification, and physical education learning. In order to be readable for publication, the manuscript must be original and relevant to the previously recommended topic. This was published by the Sekora Foundation. However, the discussion for this Journal discusses academics who will discuss various disciplines and interesting topics. All articles published in this journal are published by strict coworkers, based on the initial screening of the editor and the anonymous referee. The International Journal of Kinesiology and Physical Education (IJKPE) is an international reference journal. IJKPE is published by the Sekora Foundation. Papers published at IJKPE strongly represent the use of sustainable kinesiology and physical education in the design of products and services for the community and the world of sports education. Kinesiology and physical education have been successfully developed in various countries that develop principles and research in sports and are categorized into themes which discusses human movements, the latest technology in the world of sports, and research on kinesiology and physical education, physical education, and manufacturing technology, enhanced improvement, and improvement. Application and development of technology for the environmental world that encourages innovation, increase public awareness, increases kinesiology growth, and improves the quality of human life while continuing to improve the balance between education itself and the environment that changes the unique character and features of IJKPE. IJKPE is currently indexed on Google Scholar.